Top 5 Trending Android Apps To Use In 2018

There are millions of Apps available in Play Store but you may be wondering which ones to use? And which one is useful?

For those who are excited about using new useful apps in 2018 and for those who have confusions about which one to use out of Millions of Android Apps, we have compiled some of the top trending Android apps to use in 2018.

Trending Apps to Use In 2018:

1.Google Assistant:

The wait is over, Google released it’s official Google Assistant App this year. Google Assistant is one of the powerful App on Play Store. You must install this app if your mobile doesn’t have any system update regarding Google Assistant. It supports almost all Android devices. You just have to download it and enable it, the assistant will be ready to help you.

Using Google assistant you can search and browse anything just with your voice. You can just ask it to Book a movie ticket, to order a Gift for your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, even you can tell it to remember something and to remind something. It does everything you need.


Price: Free

2.LastPass Password Manager:

It’s one of the must have android app for those who have a problem with Passwords. Yes, passwords are the key to the digital world, what if you forget them often. But you don’t have to worry now because this app keeps all your account credentials safe with encryption and great security. You can control all your private credentials with just one Master Password.

You just have to know only one password to login to this app and this app controls all your n number of passwords. It’s crazy right, with just one password, you can control n number of passwords(I tried Irony).


Price: Free/ $12 per year

3.Solid Explorer:

This is a powerful app when it comes to browsing files on Android Mobile. This app has great User Interface which makes it really easy to browse your folders, files, pictures, videos and documents with ease. It looks fabulous and stable in all way.

But this app is not free to use, but you can avail the 14-Day Free trial and later you should pay $1.99 to continue using it which is reasonable and feasible.


Price: 14-Day Free Trial/ $1.99


You might be using the stock texting app on your mobile which is not stable and not good enough to use but Textra makes your texting better and lots easier than your any stock texting app.

Textra lets you customize the whole app to personalize. It lets you change the themes, Background color, accent color and a primary color. I can say that Textra is a lot better than your any stock texting app.


Price: Free/ $2.99

5.WallpapersCraft 4K Backgrounds

Is your mobile background is dull want to make your mobile bit colorful than before then download it right now. This free app provides you thousands of Wallpapers and Backgrounds to make your mobile colorful and bright.

The best thing about this app is, it automatically checks your screen’s size and resolution and shows only related wallpapers and backgrounds that best suits to your mobile.


Price: Free

Hope these apps will help you make a lot of things out of your pocket-sized mobile.

Article created by Amina Mirza