The Internet of Things

IOT (Internet Of Things) is a new buzz in the Tech world. According to some researchers, IOT is going to completely transform the usage of the electronic devices over the next 5 to 10 years.

What Exactly IoT Means?

Internet of Things is the concept of inter-connecting every device you use in your daily life. Here all devices are connected to the network to share data across all devices.

Before IoT was only limited to industrial use but now IoT is drastically rolled over everybody’s life to make life easier and smoother.

What the craziest thing is, using IoT you can manage and maintain every electronic device through your Smartphone or any portable device.

For example, sitting in the office you can check whether you turned off the Air Conditioner of your home and even you can turn it On/Off right from the office using your smartphone.

Even you can use IoT to order/buy apples automatically when it gets over in Refrigerator.

Interesting Right!!

How IoT Helps Us?

In the next few years, IoT is going to change the way we live. It is going to make everything easy for us in all the fields like Business, Education, Agriculture, Industries and even Entertainment.

Let’s see some points on how IoT helps us…

  • Using IoT, you can automate all your small and complex works to make your life smoother than before.
  • You can track and manage all your other devices through the smartphone.
  • You can operate the devices remotely.
  • IoT even helps us in maintaining our Health like heartbeat rating, Blood Pressure, etc.
  • You can fully automate your home and you can make it smart home where you can operate/manage devices using Voice or gestures.
  • IoT helps in manufacturing industries to monitor all manufacturing stages, tracking products and even to analyze product quality.

Some of the facts about IoT:

  • Devices start to communicate with other devices.
  • April 9th is considered as the Internet of Things Day
  • ATM’s are the first ever IoT objects
  • Business and Governments will be the top users of IoT by 2020
  • According to IoT analytics, for every human being on earth, there will be 2 to 6 connected things.
  • IoT also helps in security where IoT security market will be of worth $29 Billion in next few years.
  • According to Intel, by 2020 the world will be connected with 300 Billion active IoT devices.
  • Even vehicles are going to be the part of IoT.
  • The list goes on…

Internet of things will become the core necessity in our life as it is going to change the way we are living. The day is not so far, IoT is going to rule the world.

China is dominating the whole world with 28% of the Internet of things.

In the United States, half of the living homes have internet connected devices.

There’s no doubt that, human beings are going to completely depend on the IoT to adopt the easier way of life. IoT is going to revolutionize the computer dependency of human beings.

Soon Internet of Things is going to be part of every person on earth.

Article created by Amina Mirza