5 Mobile App Categories Poised For Growth in a Post Covid World

The effects of the coronavirus pandemic have changed the way businesses operate.  While industries like travel, hospitality, retail are taking considerable time to get back to normal, some sectors like e-commerce, work from home, video streaming, etc are growing at a faster rate. 

All types of Mobile Apps have become immensely important in this current scenario. It is not only beneficial or popular but also it is impacting the lives of many and helping them to maintain social distancing and stay safe from the virus. Let’s have a look at 5 business app which are poised to be more successful.

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1.  Education Apps

Millions of students across the globe haven’t inserted their step in their classrooms, as this year brought a great transformation in the digitalization of the education system. Pandemic emphasized the advantages of taking education online.

Innovative and edtech apps that are making it easy for students to learn and teachers to teach. The demand for education app is expected to grow further and also to remain a profitable business.

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2.  Finance Apps

The uncertainty in the economy and the inability of people to visit banks has upsurged the use of finance mobile apps.

From accessing bank accounts, transferring funds, and paying bills, to things like investing in share market, mutual funds, and personal finance management, everything is increasing the use of mobile. Consumers are demanding apps which are safe, secure, reliable and easy to operate.

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3.  Home Improvement and DIY

As people are spending their much time at home and on internet, so they are developing the tendency to decorate their homes. The market for home improvement, decorative items, and DIY has taken wings. Home owners are making their home stay worthwhile.

Mobile apps helps users create their home improvement plans and help them to find right product for their home. 

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4.  At-Home Fitness Apps

As the deadly virus arrive the lock on the gyms got imposed, public parks and other walking/running tracks are not safe to visit. However, due to the pandemic and the havoc it created in the word- people are realizing the importance of strong immunity. As a result people are starting to use at-home fitness apps and its demand is rapidly increasing.

Fitness apps are in great demand and expected to grow even in future. From full body workout to specialized skill training like yoga, cardio, etc. There is lot of scope to grow and even consumers are ready to accept this more than ever.

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5.  Learning Apps

With the reduced time spent meeting outside the house, individuals are turning to learn new skills and hobbies on their mobiles. From language apps like DuoLingo and Babbel to distributed course apps like Udemy, Unacademy, and Khan Academy, learning apps saw an increase in demand everywhere the globe.

Consumers are spending their time to find out fun and learn helpful new skills in fields starting from arts to technology. Apps that make this possible are here to remain and thrive.

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Wrapping Up

These days users are investing more time on apps. It helps in learning new skills, managing accounts, gaming, etc. Now it is a good time for generating new ideas, executing the vision, and fashionable innovations. Therefore if you’ve got that concept developing in your head for a short time, now it’s the time to being with Cybertekton.

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