About Us

Delivering Business Value through Innovation!


Cybertekton was founded on the belief that traditional IT services industry is failing to meet the needs to modern businesses and a young start-up can disrupt the space.

We believe in solving problems. We are driven by the innovation.

A Team of Envisioners and Doers

We share insights and resources so that each client experiences the same caliber of quality.

Cybertekton – How it all came into existence? 

On one fine day, during a discussion, a story about how a customer has been ripped off by an IT Services company came up. The Client was promised a ton of work at a cost of peanuts. After a year, literally nothing was delivered to the client and the project was shelved.  The surprising part of the discussion was, every member who participated in the discussion had a similar story to say.

So, we asked ourselves, what’s going on with IT Services industry? Is it a problem of over-committing and under delivering? Is it a problem of selling services at the lowest cost possible, thereby no control over quality?

We brainstormed on and on about the problems faced by the IT services industry and came up with certain solutions. The only way to validate that solution was to test the waters by setting up an IT Services Company.

Following are our guiding principles:

  • Realistic Commitments:  Always set the realistic commitments with clients. Tell them what can be delivered and what cannot be delivered. Always have the Technical team validate what a Sales team is selling to the client.
  • Fair Pricing: Quality comes at a cost. In the current market, there are shirts available starting from $2 and go beyond $200. We aren’t hiring developers who buy $2 Shirts for themselves. Our developers buy shirts between $20-$60. Given the talent of our developers, they do deserve such shirts and so is our pricing.

Our Team Philosophy

At Cybertekton, we believe that work can be fun if we truly work as a team. And this means we share learnings and experiences with each other. We follow a flat hierarchy, where there is no difference between a Manager or an Individual Contributor.  Every member of Cybertekton earns his/her respect through “work” they deliver.

When it comes to dealing with clients, our philosophy is to “keep it simple and transparent”.

We always believe in doing the right thing for our customers, even if that means we lose the project.
A young, enthusiastic team are always here to help.
Our Architects & Product Managers always focus on big picture.

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