Mobile App Development

Are you looking for mobile app for your Business or Non-Profits? Do you have an amazing idea and looking for a Technical expertise to transform your vision into a mobile app? At Cybertekton, we love to work with customers who want to build transformative mobile apps that enables their businesses have an distinctive competitive edge.

Smart Mobile Apps for Your Business

Mobile Apps provide a significant opportunity, depending on the nature of the business. For the consumer facing businesses, having mobile apps provides an excellent medium to connect with customers and provide value added services. For B2B businesses, mobile apps provide an opportunity to streamline the business operations.

Below are the typical areas where majority of the B2B businesses have adopted mobile apps:

  • Field work tracking & collaboration
  • Daily reports and status updates
  • Service Ticketing & Workflow management
  • Employee Collaboration & Messaging

Our Preferred Technologies

Following are our preferred technologies when it comes to building mobile apps. Although we are open to build mobile apps in other technologies, but based on our experience, these technologies have worked best for developing different kinds of apps.


We build native android apps using JAVA, giving us the flexibility to create any functionality a modern mobile application deserves to have.


We build native IOS Apps using Objective-C. Our years of experience in building IOS Apps gives us the edge in getting IOS Apps build out in much lesser time.


Our choice of backend for highly scalable mobile apps is .NET.We use WebAPI framework to build the Mobile APIs.Admin portals are build in ASP.NET MVC and HTML5

Superiority of Mobile Apps over Web portals

Compared to typical web applications, Mobile Apps offer various features such as Camera, Push Notifications and so on. New businesses such as Uber have leveraged these new device features offered by Mobile Apps to disrupt different industry sectors.

Push Notifications

Offline Access

Geolocation (GPS)

Image & Video Camera

Phone Directory (Contacts)

SMS Authentication



Want to Engage Cybertekton for Development of Mobile Apps

Whether you have well-defined requirements for the Mobile App or just a vague idea, feel free to contact us. We love to discuss and brainstorm the idea with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it typically take to build a mobile app?

It would depend on the business requirements/functionalities needed in the mobile app. On an average, it takes about three months’ time to build an app, test it on multiple devices & deploy it to production.

How many mobile devices does Alagoas tests before deploying on Production?

Cybertekton has a Mobile Test Lab consisting of 15+ devices. Depending on the contract, we do testing on 5-10 devices. However, if a customer wants us to test the mobile app on specific set of devices, we are happy to do so (provided customer give us those hand-sets).

Does Cybertekton does UX design work?

Yes. Cybertekton has an in-house design team for doing the UX design of the mobile app. Cybertekton also partners with some of the industry’s top designers to arrive at path breaking new designs. Cybertekton doesn’t begin development of mobile app screens until the UX design is signed off by the client.

Why Mobile Apps require maintenance?

Both Google & Apple does several updates to the Operating System (Android & iOS respectively) during a course of year. At time, there are multiple updates even within a month. Moreover, every month we are observing new mobile devices being launched by both popular companies and newbies. Significant amount of testing on new versions of OS as well as devices is needed to ensure your Mobile App is running smoothly. Hence maintenance is critical for the mobile apps.

I have got UX designs done from a third party. Will Cybertekton be able to take up the development work?

Absolutely. Cybertekton has the ability to transform the UX designed by your preferred designer into a fully functional mobile app.

Does Cybertekton use Hybrid technologies such as Xamarin, React Native, etc?

No. At the moment, Cybertekton only builds native mobile apps. Native mobile development is highly evolved and allows Cybertekton to give concrete timelines for development of mobile app.