Mobile Testing Services

Mobile App Testing Services

Our mobile app testing services is predominantly meant for mobile apps that are targeting multi-million user base and want to ensure every aspect of the mobile app is in perfect shape. This includes testing of the mobile app on various mobile devices, including different versions of mobile operating systems.

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Our Preferred Technologies

Device Compatibility

As part of Device compatibility testing, we test your mobile app on different mobile phones (Physical phones) in our mobile testing lab.

OS Compatibility

As part of OS Compatibility testing, we test your mobile app on different versions of OS, especially previous versions of Android & iOS.


Manual Functional testing is done by doing Scenario based testing, where the manual tester identify set of scenarios within the app and tests the scenarios.

Why Mobile App Testing is Critical for your app?

Over the years, hundreds of different mobile devices have come up in the market, especially plethora of devices with Android operating system.

Each device manufacturer has customised Android best suited for the device settings. Moreover, different devices have different form-factors.

How Cybertekton can help you build Canvas Apps?

Cybertekton has expertise in testing complex mobile apps across multiple physical devices. Get in touch with us to understand our full testing methodology.

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