Heartbeat Tracker

Heartbeat tracker is an application which measures your heart rate and provides live updates to the doctor to monitor your health.


The Heartbeat tracker app will measure your heartbeat with great accuracy by connecting to a wearable device via Bluetooth. Our app guarantees accuracy and great heart rate tracker and hr monitor features.

App features

  • Fast and accurate measurement via wearable.
  • Save result for access later
  • Real-time pulse graph
  • Wear support: Measure your pulse using the heart rate sensor in your smartwatch
  • Reminder: Automatic remind you to measure your heartbeat everyday
  • Export heartrate history to in file format.
  • Connect with patients and alert them when needed.
  • Instant messaging and calling in case of emergency.


Azure IOT hub


Core Java for Android

IOT Device:

Apple Watch, Fitbit



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