Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps have become critical among businesses as various stakeholders are increasingly expecting mobile solutions for getting their work done.

The global mobile enterprise app market is expected to more than double from 2017 to 2021. Research and Markets projects compound annual growth of 15.2 percent, from $48.2 billion in 2016 to $98.0 billion in 2021.  Mobile apps are vital in virtually every industry. It is estimated that global app revenues will total $44.8 billion in 2016 and climb to $80.6 billion by 2020.

“Mobile Apps have been proven to be over 300% more efficient than Websites for Enterprise workflows”

Compared to typical web applications, Mobile Apps offer various features such as Camera, Push Notifications and so on. New businesses such as Uber have leveraged these new device features offered by Mobile Apps to disrupt different industry sectors.

Device feature Mobile Web
Camera Yes No
Push notifications Yes No
Contacts Yes No
Offline access Yes No
Geolocation Yes No
Gyroscope Yes No
Accelerometer Yes No
Swipe navigation Yes No
Microphone Yes No
Pedometer Yes No

At Cybertekton, we have technical capabilities to develop outstanding apps use any or all of the above device features.

Our approach to mobile development is as follows:

Understand:  Spend enough time with the customer to understand the business requirements. We document the business requirements and iterate about it’s importance to business.

Design: Once the requirements are finalised, we move to design phase, where our graphic designers come up with wireframes of the mobile app. We collect feedback from the customer as well as potential users about design. It’s an iterative process to figure to best UX meant for your business requirements.

Implement: Once the design is locked, we move on to the implementation phase, where our Android & IOS coders hack into the design to develop the real application.

Release & Support:  We not only release the app on the production but also support the application in production so that it supports plethora of the mobile devices both on Android & iOS.

Some common enterprise mobile app examples are given below as a reference:

With almost 80% of the internet traffic is being generated from Mobile Apps in the developed economies, it has become inevitable for retail companies to have M-Commerce Apps to reach out to potential customers. Moreover, mobile-specific features such as Notification services makes E-commerce experience much better on Mobile. Once the app is installed, via Notifications, companies can continuously send updates about new promotions and product launches, increasing the overall conversion.

After sales service for the consumer & enterprise products is being streamlined through the effective use of mobile apps. Electronic companies are using Mobile apps to automate the service requests raised by customers, assigning of service technicians and tracking of service orders.

Consider the example of an Electronics company that sells refrigerators. The company is now asking customers to raise the service ticket via their mobile app instead of the typical toll-free number. Raising Service Order via Mobile app offers the advantage of tracking the GPS location of the customer, pictures of the damaged refrigerator and so on. Also, the service technician assigned also uses the same app to track the service tickets. Overall, the productivity is increased multi-fold, while doing a tremendous amount of cost-saving.

Gone are those days when a basic approval from the manager or business stakeholders took 24 hours to a week. We are living in an era of “blue-ticks” made famous by WhatsApp, where users expect action to be taken as soon as the message is read. Similarly, in the enterprises, both external customers, as well as employees (especially the millennials), are increasingly expecting decisions to be taken in a matter of minutes. That’s where approval apps become essential for increasing the productivity of the enterprises.

Typical examples includes, Expense Approvals, Leave Approvals, Purchase Order Approvals, etc.

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