Website Development

Business websites have been around for more than two decades. Earlier, businesses were investing to just have a presence online, whereas now, the focus is on how the company website can help in providing business value. How to create the engaging experience for the potential customers via the website to generate business leads.

At Cybertekton, we focus on understanding the business of the customer and then creating a website that engages with the potential customers and giving insightful information.

We use various technologies such as WordPress, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc. to create websites.  Some of the silent features of our websites are:

  • Responsive Design:  All the website we design keep into account that, internet traffic can come in from various devices (form-factors), so, it’s imperative that the website re-adjusts itself based on the user’s device resolution. Whether the site is opened from a Desktop or an iPhone, the websites designed by our team provide a seamless experience.
  • Well Organised Information Architecture:  Websites aren’t about putting together few pages and clubbing them via a Menu. A significant amount of thought process needs to go in organising the information, so that, users visiting the website get the information they are looking for.
  • UI/UX Focus:  Your website is your window to the world. Your potential customers judge your business based on your website. Hence, it’s critical to have an absolute focus towards UI/UX right from the beginning.

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